Plants and Wildlife on the Bluff

The Bluff is populated by a wide variety of plants (both native and invasive) and animals of all sizes who live there year-round or pass through on their way from the mountain forests of Idaho to Riverside State Park and beyond.

Arrowleaf balsamroot

are spectacular on the Bluff during April. The Friends of the Bluff adopted this plant as the emblem of the group. Learn more about uses for this amazing plant!

Ponderosa Pine

These ancient guardians are over 300 years old, as are many other trees on the bluff.


​live on the Bluff all year round.

Beavers & Dams

​While beavers were villainized for many years, research has shown that beaver workings provide many benefits to watersheds and the plant and animal communities within them.


have had dens in the area for several years. Give them a wide berth in the spring, especially if you hike with dogs.
Download a brochure on co-existing with coyotes.


It is likely that this track was left by a cougar moving through the area.


live on the bluff all year round.


are seasonal residents of the Bluff and are seen

most frequently in the fall, winter, and early spring.

Give them plenty of space especially if you hike with dogs.

Western Skink

are a common but secretive species and are harmless if left alone.


live on the bluff all year round.

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