An Outdoor Art Extravaganza

The Auction has Concluded!

Thank you to everyone that attended the event and supported our auction!

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise almost $2000 for next year's wildfire prevention efforts!

Enjoyed the event, but didn't get a chance to donate?


It's not too late! Friends of the Bluff is a small, volunteer-run 501c3 non-profit organization, so even the smallest donations make a big difference. We hope to make this an annual event!

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Friends of the Bluff

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What Will Friends of the Bluff Do With My Contribution?

Goat Grazing Events
200 goats visit the bluff to eat the dry brush and invasive species that help wildfires spread quickly.


Lop and Scatter Events
Trained volunteers remove low-hanging limbs and thin out densely forested areas.


Heavy Machinery Rentals
For some work, a chipper or other heavy-duty equipment must be rented.

All contributions to our Brush on the Bluff event and auction will go directly to Friends of the Bluff's wildfire risk reduction efforts on the bluff, which include:​​

Your support of this event will also help ensure that we're able to continue the Brush on the Bluff event for years to come.

Meet the


Location 1: Polly Judd Park

Stacie Boyer

Chalk, Mixed-Media, Illustrator & Murals

Portfolio — Etsy



Location 2

Arlon Rosenoff

Fine Art


Although I follow my own internal compass, I love being compared to Vincent Van Gogh. My work may not be as sophisticated or clever as most "modern art," but it makes up for it with the genuineness of instinctive, self-taught passionate work.​

Location 3

Andrea Parrish

Oil and Acrylic


Andrea says she's never had a mind’s eye – the ability to visualize. This aphantasia created an interesting relationship with her visual art. For many years, she relied on photography to record and tell the story. However, after a hand surgery left her unable to use an SLR camera, she took a friend’s dare to pick up a paintbrush. The planets and starscapes that have emerged gnaw at the edges of her memory in a way that seems to tease what is just beyond conscious reach. Since she's unable to visualize what she paints, it’s a matter of just trusting what appears.

Location 4

Jorden Heidal

Ink - Acrylic - Watercolor

Website  — Instagram


Jorden Heidal is a self-taught visual artist, based in Spokane, Washington. Her work primarily focuses on bold abstract paintings using fluid acrylic, pastels, spray paint, and paint pens. Being a self-taught artist has allowed Jorden to continue to evolve and challenge herself as an artist. Her work is inspired by her personal journey through loss, self love, and growth. She portrays her journey and interaction with the world in a visual way that has never been seen before. Her work is both emotional and detailed, making each piece its own personal experience for both Jorden and her audience. You will find her creating art on-the-go and collaborating with artists of different practices to discover new ways of expression.


Location 5

Randy McCrea


Randy doesn't have an email address, a website, or a computer. He is anti-technology, just like his artwork. He received a certificate from SFCC in 1992, but never pursued further training. Instead, he has been working with found materials for the last 30 years, especially plastics. His art celebrates many environmental causes, often with a wry sense of humor. 

Location 6

Aimee Croteau

Colored Pencil - Acrylic - Multi-Media

Website — Instagram — Facebook

Aimee Croteau is a recent graduate of Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art and two minors in Art History and Accounting. She has been interested in art from a very early age, and as she's gotten older she has also developed a deep longing for outdoor pursuits. She gains much of her inspiration from her outdoor excursions and adventures exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Location 7

Brandy Seistrup

Ink - Acrylic - Watercolor


The work of Spokane-based artist, Brandy Seistrup of Opal Fox Fine Art, is known for its bold yet calming use of color.  It's her connection to the natural world that inspires the work. Movement that mimics the unpredictable lines found in nature; lines that are never straightforward; movement that can't be controlled. Reminding us to let go, trust how we feel, and see the beauty in the abstract.

Location 8

Karen Mobley

Oil, Watercolor, & Drawing



Karen Mobley is a visual artist, poet and arts consultant.  She has participated in 5 artist-in-residency programs including the prestigious Jentel Foundation. Her work will be exhibited at the Barrister Winery this year.  She has exhibited at the Terrain Gallery and Moses Lake Museum and Art Center recently.  Her poetry book, Trial by Ordeal, came out in 2020 and is available at local bookstores. She serves as a Program Contractor for Spokane Arts.  She served as Arts Director for the City of Spokane from 1997-2012.  She holds an MFA from the University of Oklahoma and a BFA with Honor from the University of Wyoming.

Location 9

Megan Perkins

Sketching & Watercolor

Website  — Instagram  — Facebook


Megan Perkins is an artist, teacher, and native of the Pacific Northwest. She works primarily in watercolor with a love of color and expressive line. She has exhibited in many venues in the Spokane region including the Chase Gallery, Terrain, Jundt Art Museum and more. She is a member at Pottery Place Plus, and teaches at the Spokane Art School and Corbin Art Center. She is most well known for her Artist’s Eye on Spokane series, which was started during a year-long project of painting at a new location in Spokane every week for 52 weeks. This project culminated in locally produced book by the same name. She illustrates a monthly column in the Spokane Coeur D’Alene Living magazine.


Stacie is a multi-dimensional artist. In addition to being a painting instructor, she is the owner of Perennial Thrift, focused on Sculpture Art using Recycled Elements, Architectural Clay, Metal and Found objects. She also designs and paints murals and works on public art installations. She has worked with Spokane Arts, The Spokane Civic Theatre, The City of Liberty Lake and The City of Kennewick Wa.

Bachelor of Fine Art 2005 The Rocky Mt. College of Art and Design
Associate of Applied Arts 2000 The Art Institute of Seattle

Watch Artists Paint the Bluff's Scenery

Several artists will be setting up in different locations on the bluff (all within half a mile of Polly Judd Park) to paint the scenery around them. Friends of the Bluff will provide maps to their locations so visitors can take a short stroll, stopping to meet each artist and observe their work. At the end of the event, all of the paintings will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be split between the artists and Friends of the Bluff.

Add Some Color to the Polly Judd Park Sidewalks!

Friends of the Bluff will be providing sidewalk chalk to anyone that wants to help us brighten up the park. Professional chalk artist Stacie Boyer will also be on-hand to answer questions and create her own masterpiece!

Nature-Inspired Art Workshop

The Botanical Alchemists create large-scale nature designs around Spokane for weddings, festivals, memorials, and more. They will be leading a free community workshop all day for anyone who wants to create their own nature-inspired masterpiece.

Art Hike for Families

Take a short walk into the woods with Marit Fischer before settling in on your blankets for a grounding and mindfulness exercise. This will be followed by a brief lesson on the basic principles of drawing and an opportunity for the children to share their work.


Thai Food from FWK

Chef Tom Binyo from Feast World Kitchen will be serving up Thai dishes from 11am-4pm in Polly Judd Park!

  • Option 1: Pad Thai with chicken or tofu: Rice noodles stir-fried with chicken or tofu, egg, bean sprouts, green onion in a mixture of tamarind paste, palm sugar, and light soy sauce. Served with fresh vegetables and peanut sauce.

  • Option 2: Massaman Curry with Chicken: Mild curry of slowly simmered chicken, potatoes, and yellow onions cooked in coconut milk massaman sauce.

In 2021 this event had something for everyone!

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