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Who Are The Friends of the Bluff?

Friends of the Bluff is the non-profit organization responsible for maintaining and protecting Spokane's High Drive Bluff. We are a group of hikers, runners, mountain bikers, dog walkers, bird watchers, and nature lovers who work together to maintain the bluff, purely on a volunteer basis.

We are a sustainable, community-supported organization that - through education, outreach, and direct conservation efforts - ensures that the Bluff will always be a protected, healthy, and natural ecosystem, accessible to all who wish to respectfully enjoy it. 


Through volunteer efforts and community partnerships, we organize trail maintenance, fire suppression, invasive plant management, tree planting, park cleanup, and naturalist events. 


Our Mission

As Friends of the Bluff, we are stewards of Spokane’s High Drive Bluff Park. Through volunteer efforts, community partnerships, and education, we conserve the area in a natural, sustainable state for multiple users who respect the resource, each other, and wildlife. 


Everything we do is made possible by the passion and care of the people in our community.

Join us and be a Friend of Bluff!

Where is the Bluff?

Hundreds of people drive along High Drive on Spokane's South Hill every day, yet many are completely unaware of the 600 acres of Ponderosa Pine forests and bunchgrass meadows that thrive along a steep hillside below. This large natural space is known as the High Drive Bluff, and there is a lot more to explore than most people realize.


With over 20 miles of trails, the bluff is the perfect spot for anything from a morning stroll to a grueling mountain bike ride. It is also an ideal location for trail-running, hiking, dog-walking, birding, and watching the sunset.


Board of Directors



Dee and Trevor Finchamp met in graphic design classes while attending Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. They married a few years later, moved to Spokane in 2015, and formed a business together that provides creative services to non-profit organizations. Since then, their work has played a significant role in the growth of dozens of local nonprofits. 


They spent their first 3 years with Friends of the Bluff serving on the board as volunteers, but moved into staff positions after their terms ended in 2023.

Our Sponsors

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