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Friends of the Bluff is community-driven

Whether you donate, volunteer for a clean-up or fire-prevention workday, sign up to receive updates, or attend an event, there are lots of ways you can get more involved in the ongoing health of your Bluffs. 

The Friends of the Bluff needs your help

The bluffs below High Drive are a treasure. Over 500 acres of forest and spectacular views. More than 20 miles of trails that are enjoyed by hikers, runners, and mountain bikers.  

Protecting the bluff from development and promoting more access requires time and effort.  The Friends of the Bluff needs volunteers, donations, supporters, and Board members.  

We've started strong

The Friends of the Bluff is still a new organization and have no professional staff, but we’ve organized hikes with naturalists, planted trees, organized trail maintenance work parties, thinned trees to suppress fires, planted trees along Hangman Creek, treated invasive weeds, and removed litter and dog waste.  We’ve negotiated a memorandum of agreement with the City of Spokane and we’ve received 501(c)3 status from the IRS. None of this would have happened without this organization.

Positive developments

A new access point near the Rocket Market could be opened up through a City-owned right-of-way if discussions underway with the City and nearby property owners go well. (See the sustainable trails page.) 

Urgent needs

The bluffs are threatened by development. Condominiums planned near 57th and Hatch could shut off access.  Most of the bluff is owned by the Spokane Parks Department, but a few large privately owned parcels, if developed, would turn the forest into housing, eliminate popular trails and separate the Bluff into disconnected sections. (see the protection from development page)

Learn more

If you care about the Bluff, please consider helping out as a Friends of the Bluff Board member or volunteering. Just fill out the contact form below describing ways you may be able to help. And we can set up a time for you to talk to one of our Board members.

Volunteers help rebuild trail
Volunteers help rebuild trail

and Support your bluff today!

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