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How to Sponsor

What began as a small event with a dozen artists and 200 attendees has grown into an art extravaganza; complete with over 1000 annual attendees, dozens of professional artists painting along the trail, crafts for children, art hikes, goat grazings, food trucks, and numerous info and activity booths organized by local non-profits.


Friends of the Bluff is a 501(c)3 organization so all donations are tax-deductible. We will also credit 100% of in-kind donations toward your sponsorship level.

The event has many financial needs. We have divided them into three sponsorship levels below.



Supporter Recognition

Logo on Event Webpage


Donate a Pop-up Tent

Weather-dependant art events need pop-up tents. We'll add your logo to one and use it year after year.

Donate a Porta Potty

Want make a practical and mildly humorous donation? Our attendees will thank you.

If you'd like to sponsor the event at this level or have any questions, please email the event organizers by emailing


Booster Recognition

Logo on Event Webpage

Host an Info Booth at Event

Thanked in an Email to Our Members


Artist Lunches

Your donation will cover the cost to nourish our artists while they create, while supporting Feast World Kitchen, a local nonprofit restaurant dedicated to empowering immigrants and former refugees.

Food/Drink for Gallery Event

The retail value of any food or beverages donated to this event will be credited to your sponsorship! It's a great way to have your product sampled by a new audience while supporting a good cause!

Printing Expenses

We always try to minimize waste, but this event requires a lot of printing. From promotional posters to event maps and brochures, any sponsors contributing at this level will be funding the materials that their logos will be included on.

If you'd like to sponsor the event at this level or have any questions, please email the event organizers by emailing


Partner Recognition

Logo on Event Webpage, Brochure, & Poster

Host an Info Booth at Event

Thanked in an Email to Our Members


Artist Supplies

Support our artists by helping to cover the cost of their supplies. Our artists are generously donating their time sharing their art form with the community. Your donation towards art supplies means the world to our artists!

Gallery Space

We're still deciding where to host this year's gallery. We'll credit venue rental discounts toward your sponsorship, while exposing hundreds of new potential customers to your space.

Childrens' Art Supplies

In the past, our children's art activities have included painting rocks, a floral bookmark craft, making flags, nature bracelets, and more. Our Children's Art Sponsor will cover the costs of the art supplies and teachers.

If you'd like to sponsor the event at this level or have any questions, please email the event organizers by emailing


Premier Event Sponsor Recognition

Logo on Event Webpage, Brochure, Poster, & Social Media Banner Image

Host an Info Booth next to Friends of the Bluff & The Botanical Alchemists

Opportunity to Write a Personal Message About the Event in an Email to Our Members


Event Planning and Promotion

The Premier Event Sponsor is essentially assuming responsibility for the largest event expense: the planning and execution of Brush on the Bluff. This beloved community event involves hundreds of hours of planning and organizing to bring it to life. Any sponsor who contributes at this level is supporting the total production of the event, helping to ensure Brush on the Bluff will return year after year. 

If you'd like to sponsor the event at this level or have any questions, please email the event organizers by emailing

Event Details Are Coming Soon!

For now, last year's details and video will give you a sense of what to expect

Watch Artists Paint the Bluff's Scenery

Dozens of professional local artists will be spaced out along the bluff (all within half a mile of Polly Judd Park) to paint the scenery around them. Friends of the Bluff will provide maps to their locations so visitors can take a short stroll and observe the artists in action.


Visit Healing Hooves’ 200 Goats

Every year, Friends of the Bluff hires a herd of goats to lessen fire risk on the bluff by reducing brush and tree sapling density. The goats also help with noxious weeds and invasive brush. Attendees are encouraged to watch the goats in action, but please, do not touch the electric fence, do not feed the goats, & keep dogs on leash.

Art Workshops at Polly Judd

Greenplay Northwest (an outdoor early education center located at the base of the bluff) will be on hand to lead nature-themed art activities for kids all day. These activities will include painting rocks, a floral bookmark craft, sidewalk chalk, nature bracelets, and more.

Art Hike for Families (Limited spots, preregistration required)

Take a short walk into the woods with Marit Fischer before settling in on your blankets for a grounding and mindfulness exercise. This will be followed by a brief lesson on the basic principles of drawing and an opportunity for the children to share their work. 

Food Trucks

Feast World Kitchen brings delicious global cuisine to Spokane while supporting and empowering our former refugees and immigrants, helping to weave them into the fabric of our civic life. FWK will provide two cuisine options; Thai from Chef Tom Binyo & Venezuelan Caribbean from Chef Patricia.

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 10.36.39 AM.png

What does this event support?

Brush on the Bluff is completely free to the public, but donations are greatly appreciated and help ensure that we're able to continue the event in the future. The proceeds of this event are split between three groups. The artists receive 50% of whatever their artwork earns during the auction. The remaining proceeds are split between the event organizers, Friends of the Bluff and The Botanical Alchemists. You can learn more about how the money will be used below.

Friends of the Bluff's Projects

Goat Grazing Events
200 goats visit the bluff to eat the dry brush and invasive species that help wildfires spread quickly.


Lop and Scatter Events
Trained volunteers remove low-hanging limbs and thin out densely forested areas.


Heavy Machinery Rentals
For some work, a chipper or other heavy-duty equipment must be rented.

The Botanical Alchemist's Projects

Sarah Edwards and Ava Barany of the Botanical Alchemists will be offering a three-part, seasonal, free-to-the-public Community Nature Art Workshop Series, seeking to engage people of all ages in Spokane. This workshop series will give participants the opportunity to explore the amazing botanical variety of beautiful Spokane and use it to create ephemeral art.

At each session, participants will create a personal artwork and then join in the creation of a large community collaborative project. Individual artworks will range in size from a few inches to a few feet, while the collaborative projects will reach 7-10 feet across. The works will then be left for the public to discover in their wanderings. A gallery show documenting the workshops, artwork, and the public’s role in creating the pieces will culminate the series.

Learn more and donate directly to their project by clicking the button below.

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