Tuscan Ridge

Tuscan Ridge is a 27-acre parcel at the southeast end of the Bluff near 57th and Hatch Road.  Tuscan Ridge moved to first on the ranking on the County Conservation Futures acquisition list in 2014 when it was proposed in the latter part of the five-year acquisition cycle. A big thanks to Kent Moline and the 100+ people who wrote letters of support! 

     The Sisters of the Holy Names parcel became available and moved up to number one on the County list in early 2016. 
A new five-year application cycle started in 2016 with applications due by April 30th. The Tuscan Ridge moved down to #7 on the Conservation Futures list when the 2016 rankings were finalized in August of 2016.

     In the two years since the first application, the purchase price has soared from  $2.6 to $5.4 million.  The property was purchased in 2004 for $400,000. see the online tour.

    Given the position on the list and the purchase price, there is little chance that the Conservation Futures program will purchase the property within the five-year cycle that just started. The Tuscan Ridge property is in serious danger of eliminating access at 57th and eliminating a major portion of access. An alternative path for acquisition is not apparent.

Tuscan Ridge Road.

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