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Avista Transmission Line

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​​Avista is replacing the poles and wires on their transmission line that runs through the Bluff. Work began in the fall of 2016 when the poles at 57th and Hatch were replaced. Hazardous trees were removed over the summer. The main part of this work will be happening in September and October. The documents listed on the right provide some background. 


Avista is proceeding with plans to upgrade the transmission line that bisects the bluff. We are posting information on our website about this upgrade.


Friends of the Bluff does not endorse Avista’s actions or plans; rather FOB is delivering information provided by Avista on this page as a service to all those who care about the bluff.

FOB continues to review and consider its position related to the upgrade. Although Avista invited FOB and the public to an ‘open house’ in July where Avista shared its plan, Avista did not consult FOB nor solicit its input during the planning and permit stages of the upgrade. Avista applied for and the City of Spokane granted an exemption from environmental review processes without consulting, much less notifying, FOB. FOB is unsatisfied with the process and the parties thus far.


FOB has communicated its concerns and suggestions to Avista and recently met with Avista staff. Avista has been cordial but has not agreed to FOB’s ssuggestions or alleviated FOB’s concerns. Although we are encouraged by some discussions with Avista, we are not satisfied with the information, inclusion, responses, or actions by Avista to date.  FOB has advocated that Avista act in the best interest of preservation and public use of the Bluff. Although Avista agreed to consider some of the FOB proposed ideas related to preservation, Avista has not agreed to any to date. Meanwhile, the project moves forward.  We will update as we know more. 


To receive updates on this project contact Avista at

Avista Transmission Line Rebuild Project Update

September 21, 2017 - From Avista


The week of September 25, crews will begin removing the existing transmission line and structures. The work will be taking place along various sections of the transmission line on different days. To ensure public safety, please be alert for trail closure signs if you are planning to recreate in the area next week. Attached are maps showing the areas in which crews will be working Sept. 25, Sept. 26 and 27, and Sept. 27 to 29.


In addition to public safety, our focus is on minimizing impact on the environment in the construction corridor. As the conductor is taken out, it will be rolled up and removed from the work area. The poles that are accessible by vehicle will be pulled from the ground whole and transported to the staging area at Avista’s Sunset substation.  Poles that are inaccessible will be cut off two feet below the surface and covered to reduce ground disturbance. Those poles will be laid on the ground within the right-of-way and flown out by helicopter at a later date.


If you have questions that are not covered in the Q&A emailed on Tuesday, Sept. 12, send us an email at and we will follow up on the answer. Also, share the email address with others who would like to receive project updates.


Thank you.

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