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Trail Access

High Drive Bluff – Trailhead at 44th and Scott

The Friends of the Bluff has been working with the City of Spokane on getting additional access to the Bluff just south of the Rocket Market. There is a 30-foot right-of-way just north of the golf course gated community called Manito Place. This new access point is just above the upper trail at the Rocket gulch. It is about 1.5 miles between the 57th trailhead and the Manito Boulevard trailhead. This trail access point is almost exactly in the middle of this expanse. The map to the right gives you an idea of the existing trail network.


When Friends of the Bluff first brought up the possibility of a new trail access point to the city there was a tall fence blocking passage. This fence was removed in mid-2017 and some adventurous hikers are now walking down a steep slope to the trails. Friends of the Bluff wants to see this access improved so it is safe and usable.

The right-of-way is narrow, so switchbacks might not be the best approach. A set of steps on the steepest part of the embankment is probably more practical. This will require some funding and some trail construction, which can only happen once we have an agreement with the City, the Parks Department, and the adjoining property owners on a solution that will provide access and minimize the impact on the neighbors. The neighbors are concerned, understandably so, since several were unaware when they purchased their property that this land would ever be of use to the public. It will help us reach this agreement if we are respectful of the neighbors and refrain from any unauthorized "improvements" to the access.


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