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Deep Pine Overlook PUD

When you look down the Bluff from the 29th trailhead, you see a quaint farm below. That farm, the Pilcher property, is adjacent to The Bluff in the Latah/Hangman neighborhood. The city is currently considering a proposal to develop that land into 94 single-family residential lots on 48 acres, called Deep Pine Overlook.

The location of this property, and the bridge accessing it, make it a crucial access route to the Bluff. Friends of the Bluff prefer public acquisition and conservation of this property. If that is not possible, it is critical that public access to the High Drive Bluff is provided in perpetuity. 


If approved, the current application would result in a private trail system that would prohibit public access to our public park. Friends of the Bluff believe that the most beneficial outcome for the community as a whole — the public and the citizens of the PUD — would be a publicly accessible trail from the bridge to the Bluff.


While we at Friends of the Bluff are continuing to work closely with Spokane Parks and Rec to create future access to the Bluff here, please be respectful of the fact that there is no public access now. Our friends in the Parks Department have assured us that creating access through this development is a priority. Continued support from the community is the best way to ensure that this access becomes reality. During this process, your voice is important.

Please educate yourself on this proposal via the City of Spokane's website: Of the 38 downloadable files here, the two we recommend reviewing are "Revised Project Narrative" and "Revised Site Plan 8x11."

Next up?

1) Friends of the Bluff will continue to work with City staff to explore ways to create access through the development to the Bluff trails. We'll keep you informed through our Facebook page and here on our website.

2) Public comments will continue to be accepted until Friday, April 12th at 5 pm. Please use our convenient email form to send your ideas:


Thank you for your support of access to the Bluff!



Your Friends of the Bluff Board

Pat Keegan, Phil Larkin, Marit Fischer, Julie Pomerantz, and Nigel Davies

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