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Our Mission

As Friends of the Bluff, we are stewards of Spokane’s High Drive Bluff Park. Through volunteer efforts, community partnerships, and education, we conserve the area in a natural, sustainable state for multiple users who respect the resource, each other, and wildlife. 

Who Are We?

The current Bluff users are passionate about the area for the measure of nature, solitude, and proximity it provides. The Friends of the Bluff work to conserve these positive elements while counteracting the negative impacts of human use on the Bluff.

The City of Spokane is the landowner and holds the ultimate responsibility for the park. With limited resources to manage the area, the City has welcomed the partnership and volunteer effort offered by the Friends of the Bluff group.

What Can You Do?

The future of the bluff depends on users like you. You can volunteer for future events or donate to help us protect and preserve this unique and fragile urban oasis.

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