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Litter Removal

The Friends of the Bluff, assisted by community groups, have hauled out tons and tons of old metal and tires that were remnants of a previous era that didn't recognize the Bluff as a natural resource. We appreciate all those who work to keep the area clean for everyone!

The Doo Crew 

The Doo Crew is a grassroots group, affiliated with Friends of the Bluff, that coordinates the placement and maintenance of dog waste buckets on the Bluff. Current estimates indicate that this group removes about 3/4 ton of dog waste from the Bluff park every year.


To help keep the area clean for everyone, please pick up after your dogs. Carry out the poop bags, or tie them and place them in the buckets provided.

The Doo Crew is always in need of helpers to share the load - Contact us to volunteer with the Doo Crew!

Hauling bags of dog waste up the hillside is strenuous, stinky work. Please help by carrying out your own dog waste - and above all, Tie Your Bags!

A Note for Humans

If you get "caught short" while out on the Bluff, please bury your excrement and carry out toilet paper/tissues in a plastic bag. No one likes to see or smell this type of waste while enjoying time in nature.

Litter group

Volunteers haul litter from the bluff.


A load ready to be hauled by the Doo Crew.


Be sure to bring doo bags for your pets.

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