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Our late founding member, Diana Roberts, left us with a legacy donation of $11,536. It was her dream to have this donation trigger an avalanche of contributions to be put toward land acquisition and preserving trail access on the Bluff.

In her honor, we have started an Acquisition & Access Program to 

LEAF Project

Latah Environmental Agricultural & Fisheries Heritage Project

A movement to purchase & preserve the Vinegar Flats area; 48-acre farmland located between State Route 195 and the bottom of the bluff. We need funds to start writing grants and keep the ball rolling on this acquisition.

Learn More Here

Trail Signs

This year, through community input and working with Spokane City Officials, we officially named the main trails on the Bluff!

The next step is creating and installing subtle trail signage!

We need approx $2000 to purchase the signs.

Download Trail Map Here
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